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Project 6

Project 6

The Gamification of Man to Man Defence

Students Charlie Rice, Kerry Atowo, Joshua Gaffney
School St Joseph's Secondary School, Convent Lane, Rush, Co. Dublin
Teacher Daryl Dunne
Venue TUD Blanchardstown

This project was originally made to teach people how to social distance, teaching people how to gauge 2 metres. Building on this idea we re-engineered our technology to combine our love of basketball. All three of us play basketball on a school basketball team, so we decided to use the same technology that we used for our social distancing idea to develop a device that can help people improve their defence.

Our device is made from a Micro:bit. Using the micro:bit’s radio sensors and the signal strength function we found the signal strength that perfectly simulates 2 meters ,which we found was around -55. We then made a point system that we used to reward participants called life points. Everyone starts at 100 life points. When the received signal strength is above -55 , life points would begin to drain and this would be indicated by a -1 on the led screen.

We also have an accompanying website that shows ‘Life-points’ remaining after a training drill, which coaches can use for a statistical analysis. We did this so coaches can compare players with their previous training sessions, to see their improvements.

We carried out our main experiment with two groups, the ‘Open & Blind’ group. The Blind Group were given a micro:bit and told to train like it’s a normal defence drill. The Open Group were also given a micro:bit, but we explained how our device works and how they would lose points when they're more than 2 metres away.

Our data shows that there is a significant difference (p=0.0003) between the Blind and Open groups. This evidence clearly shows the value of our device in training correct distancing when defending. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions we have not been able to carry out our experiments to the scale we had planned but we still believe our device has a lot of potential.


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