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Welcome to the SciFest National Final 2021

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to the SciFest National Final 2021. The SciFest National Final celebrates the very best in STEM innovation in second-level education and offers the public a chance to engage with inspiring speakers and advocates of STEM. This virtual STEM fair experience represents a unique opportunity for everybody to be inspired by the STEM projects on display. We greatly encourage you to take some time to view the students’ projects and enjoy the series of talks available on Friday 26 November and Saturday 27 November. Click here to view the programme for the event and a full list of the speakers.
At the SciFest National Final 2021, award-winning students from the 16 regional SciFest@College STEM fairs gather online to compete for a number of prestigious awards. The final represents a culmination of a year's work for the students that, this year, is particularly impressive considering the context of school closures and other challenges presented by Covid-19. This year’s national final also includes a competition for the Boston Scientific Medical Devices Grand Award open to selected winners of the Boston Scientific Medical Devices award at the regional fairs.
A total of 12 national awards and three international awards were presented at this year's SciFest National Final on 27 November. All of the finalists received an Excellence in STEM Award to mark their success in qualifying to take part in the National Final.
The SciFest National Final 2021 Awards Ceremony took place here at 4pm on Saturday 27 November.


May I send my best wishes to all those taking part in the SciFest National Final 2021.

It is greatly uplifting to receive such assurance of the great wealth of scientific talent and promise that exists amongst our young citizens. All of today's finalists have demonstrated an impressive spirit of creativity and curiosity and a willingness to look at life from different angles and different perspectives.

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SciFest is a not-for-profit organisation and wouldn’t exist without the generosity of the SciFest sponsorship Community. SciFest has been partnered with Boston Scientific and Intel for many years, whilst numerous other organisations support the programme. For more information on our sponsors please click on Read more.
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