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Dr John O'Donoghue


Trinity College Dublin and the Royal Society of Chemistry

Presentation Title

"Making Chemistry Accessible to All"

Presentation Summary

There is substantial evidence that many students are held back from doing chemistry due to misconceptions and a lack of real-world relevancy. Chemistry is essential to help solve global problems, from new battery technologies to new materials to new treatments for various illness and of course, new vaccines. But chemistry can also seem inaccessible due to the need for cutting edge, specialised equipment, and a laboratory to carry out research. In this presentation I will talk about how we can bring chemistry out of the lab and show how real-world investigations can be done with simplified, low-cost equipment.


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Dr John O'Donoghue

Dr John O’Donoghue is the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Education Coordinator for Ireland. On behalf of the RSC he supports trainee and established science teachers through continuous professional development (CPD) and new resources. He is based at the School of Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) where he also teaches chemistry, coordinates the PhD education and public engagement (EPE) course and researches new ways to make chemistry accessible to all. In recognition of his achievements to date, he was awarded the 2018 Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) “Outstanding Contribution to STEM Communication” Award

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